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ITS: Improvisational Tribal Style Bellydance : a super fun dance language utilizing a vocabulary of movements to create phrases to be danced as a group improvisation.  ITS appears to be choreography however is truly created in the moment with the dancers on stage.  Created by Amy Sigil, director of UNMATA, based out of Sacramento California.  SamiTe’ is the ONLY certified teacher instructing in the South Eastern US. Level 1 focuses on the basic vocabulary and stall movements, Level 2 starts to introduce different formations and combination movements.  SamiTe’ considers ITS a dance team sport!  It is so super fun!!! Level 1 is open to all levels of dancer.  You must test into Level 2.

Intro to Bellydance: this all levels class is exactly what it sounds like.  Utilizing Sigil’s Work, Craft, Drill format, we will learn basic movements of the hips, shoulders, rib cage, arms and hands as well as foot patterns.  We will create small phrases of movement utilizing the movements and then drill them from slow to fast.  Every class will have a new combo so don’t worry, everyone is learning it for the first time! 

Cardio Bellydance: A super fun, high energy Saturday morning workout to an awesome playlist.  Designed to get the blood pumping and just have fun. Totally beginner friendly!

Therapeutics Roll & Stretch:  a class designed as a self help foam roller therapy for tight muscles and pain conditions.  Each week we will focus on different areas of the body and discuss trigger point and associated pain referral patterns associated with these muscles.  SamiTe’ has a 20 year background in massage therapy and worked in physical therapy for 6 years before starting her own massage practice catering to clients who suffer in chronic pain.  This class is designed as a self help program for painful muscular conditions.




SamiTe’ also books private lessons in her home studio or via Skype

SamiTe’ is also available to teach regional workshops